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A Practical Age Regression approach to identifying and releasing old programming or blocks holding you back or causing you problems in your life and future success.




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The Rapid Reintegration Procedure is a beautiful technique that identifies where in the past a tramatic experience occured that is causing disruption in your adult life.

Rapid RRP Book cover Reintegration Procedure (RRP) was developed by EDGAR A. BARNETT, who gave Jane permission to use and open to clients.

"The procedure is based on the assumption that, emotional disorders arise from the presence of dissociated distressed ego states formed during traumatic experiences in childhood. It detects these ego states and reintegrates them into the prime personality, resolving previous unconscious conflicts and alleviating symptoms."

The clearing of emotional blocks is accomplished using signals (a head nod or finger ideomotor signals) with no need for verbalization; however, verbalization is an option.

It is a gentle, non-threatening and effective process that is entered into by connecting, with the conscious memory and identifying a recent experience that caused you an uncomfortable feeling. You are gently guided to the core of that feeling to release the hold it has had on you.

Getting Results
"RRP is results oriented. You and I want to get results for you. We want to free you up from uncomfortable symptoms and feeling. When you have gotten results from RRP it will be obvious to you. There will be immediate relief."

I am grateful to Dr. Barnett for this wonderful and effective procedure and for given me permission to use and teach this process.

Jane A. Buckman

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I wanted to take this opportuntnity to thank you for your help. When I first thought about coming to a Hypnotist, I really didn't know what to expect. What I found was a caring professional who went to great lengths to discovery who I was as an individual and then help me focus on a self developing program that would allow me to fulfill my potential. I realized thru my therapy sessions with Jane that my main issues all revolved around very low self-esteem. All the reasons that I thought I was not successful had nothing to do with outside sources; all those negative feelings, insecurities, self-doubt.... came from within. It was through Jane's help that I was able to break through my own barriers and start to realize my potential. Thanks for giving me back my potential Jane.!!!! B.P.


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Jane Anthony Buckman, BCHt, BCI, MFA
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