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EFT TRAINING - 3 day workshop

Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018
Sunday, Nov. 18
Saturday, Nov. 24

Location -Arlington, VA

This is a powerful balancing modality to add to your practice or that you can use on yourself to bring clarity, peace and calm into your life

Let Jane know of your interest.

The training is designed with approved content (guidelines by Gary Craig) and Jane's added experience and knowledge.

You will receive a certificate through Jane Buckman with Gary Craig, the founder's stamp.

Join us for learning this revolutionary healing method that targets unresolved emotional issues and the potential blocks to vibrant health and happiness!


Please contact Jane A. Buckman (703) 346 4606 or Email hypnosis3@gmail.com for more information or to register.

This is the ultimate in brief and effective therapy!

Who will benefit from this workshop? Anyone wanting to work on themselves to clear out limiting beliefs, anxiety, stress, disturbing memories, cravings, fears, gain confidence and self-esteem; anyone wanting to help others improve their lives: body workers, life coaches, holistic practitioners, therapists, psychologist.... even helping friends and family experience relief from those blockages in their lives and to teach the technique so that they can apply it to their own lives.


A simple and effective technique to address a wide range of issues: stress, anxiety, pain, cravings and addictions, or performance anxiety. This interactive workshop follows Gary Craig's approved Level I guidelines and content. You will learn how to effectively process some of your own issues as well as help others release blocked energies. Time is allotted for group interaction to learn this healing technique.

We will explore the theory and history of EFT; learn EFT's Basic Recipe and Refinements; how to process issues and reach goals, Learn about Shifting Aspects; Use The Movie Technique and The Personal Peace Procedure; and, much more!

This fast-paced, fun, professional PowerPoint presentation combined with experiential exercises will give a good base for this technique and its many uses. You will have opportunity to practice these methods and ask questions. You will leave the workshop with new and increased skills that you can start using the very next day!


Reinforcement and Practice on what you have learned in Level I. These two days allow you to feel comfortable with using EFT and experiencing the power of the process. There will be Review; Demonstrations; Lecture; Discussion and Sharing; Questions and Answers; Practice - Running the Movie; Palace of Possibilities Concepts; CHOICES; Additional points; The Gentle Techniques (Tearless Trauma Technique, Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), Chasing the Pain, Sneaking up on THE problem); Processing through Choices; Find Core Issues; Addressing Physical Issues; More on Testing Results.


"Perhaps the biggest limit you will encounter in using EFT is not recognizing how much you can do with it if you learn it in depth. I can't stress enough the importance of training. Because people usually get such fast results with basic EFT, they often become so enchanted with that level of understanding that they fail to develop the entire set of EFT skills. The full power of EFT requires the mastery of an array of techniques." EFT Founder Gary Craig





Jane, let me say how much I have benefitted from your class on EFT in Feb. I have taught it to some of my clients with good results and I continue to explore the applications.  I have been reading books by Carol Look and have applied the methods I learned from you.  EFT was not completely new to me when I took your class.  I'd read about it and I saw a few videos. Your class tied it all together for me and made me a believer.  Thanks so much.  Wishing you a glorious 2010.   Judy  Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D.


Please let me tell you again how much I enjoyed the course.  The issue that I brought up for the demonstration now feels completely resolved.  Whenever I think of it, its as though my mind just scans over it quickly and drops it and lets it go. I no longer dwell on it or get into distress.  What a wonderful change. EFT is a valuable tool that I will use in my personal life and in my practice.  You can use this endorsement as you wish, with my name. JP


   I really enjoyed your class and have been practicing the techniques to reinforce my issues with weight/metabolism.  I feel a "lightening" of the issues - they don't appear to be taking so much of my time, energy and focus anymore.  It's more like the issues are becoming just more normal in my life.  I'm also appreciating how well my body works, how it eats the right amount of food and processes it so efficiently, etc.  I've used the EFT when I've eaten "too much" - "even though I ate too much"...  So, I believe I'm using the techniques when a stressor arises - it helps to have this EFT tool!  I'm also sharing it with co-workers, friends and massage clients who are interested.  T.H.


Jane is a natural at teaching and effectively communicating information.  The presenter relate to the group, answered questions and respond to concerns.  The facilitator has a very good presence, and presentation; questions and answers were well thought out; concerns were addressed and responded to in a thoughtful manner.  The presenter kept the interest level high. The structure and presentation of the workshop was well thought out and put together. 



EFT Workshop August 30, 2008

First Row:  Susan, Tania, and Ann.
Second Row:  Jennifer, Melissa, Arlette, Jane (facilitator), Rhonda, and Cindy.      
Missing from the photo:  Carol and Holly.

EFT Workshop AUGUST 2009
Sabah, Judy, Terry, Jane Buckman (me), Magi, Teri Rose, Pat.


EFT Workshop February 2009
FRONT:  Jane Buckman (me); Judith; Sandra; Susan; Victoria; Afrin; Georgia
BACK ROW: Matt; Joseph




Jane Anthony Buckman Photo 2013

Jane Anthony Buckman, BCHt, BCI, MFA
NGH Board Certified Hypnotist & Trainer
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