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BECOME A CERTIFIED HYPNOTHERAPIST WITH Jane Buckman, a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotist.

Explore, with Jane, the subconscious workings of the inner mind. Experience the learnings of this step-by-step process with the finest hypnotic methods and techniques that enhance the innate power of the inner mind.


We meet on Weekend days

Winter 2020 TRAINING
JAN. 11, 18, 19, 26, FEB. 2, 9, 15

Receive ngh Certification as a hypnotherapist

to start your own practice or
personal transformation.

Training is from 10AM to 4PM plus guided out-of-class training and continued support








This is a NGH Certified Hypnosis Training Program designed to train you to use the hypnotherapy process in assisting others with a wide range of issues.  You will receive all the necessary skills required to begin your own practice, add it to a practice you already have, or assist friends and loved ones as well as yourself. 

This program is also valuable for professionals in other modalities interested in expanding their practice and modalities. It is also an interesting, educational and enjoyable experience for those wanting to enhance their own development.


As a NGH Certified Board Member and Hypnosis I
nstructor I offer you the skills, knowledge, experience and confidence so that you can be of service to others. 


When you have completed my training you will be 100% ready 
and comfortable to work with your first client.

See Student Testimonials Below

LOCATION: 2525 N. Wakefield St., Arlington, VA 22207
(Near Marymount University off of Glebe Rd. and Old Dominion Drive)




● IF you are intrigued by the mind/body connection, the conscious and subconscious mind and human behavior while bringing more balance into your own life, then this training may be for you. The training is open to anyone interested in learning about the art of hypnotherapy.

● IF you have ever dreamed of working for yourself in a satisfying, purposeful and rewarding career that allows you to offer a service to others to improve their way of life, then this training may be for you. You can work one-on-one; with groups; or, offer corporations your services.

● IF you are a Medical or Holistic Practitioner; Nurse; Counselor, Psychiatrists, Psychologists; Social Worker; Guidance Counselor; Life Coach, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractor, Reiki, EFT practitioner or anyone wanting to add a powerful adjunct to your current practice, then this training will go a long way to enhancing your success.

● IF you want to work part-time in an interesting and rewarding retirement career or add a new dimension into your life and in the process create your own inner healing, then this may be for you.

See Student Testimonials Below

Some Issues you will be qualified to work with after this training:


  • Weight Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Substance Abuse
  • Nail Biting
  • Bruxism
  • OCD
  • Negative thinking
  • Insomnia


  • Removing Blocks
  • Stress Reduction
  • Self-Confidence
  • PTSD
  • Depression & Grief
  • Relationships
  • Insomnia
  • Self-Hypnosis


  • Social Discomfort
  • Public Speaking
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Fear of Being Judged
  • Fear of Heights, Airplanes; Insect, etc.



  • Attaining Goals
  • Procrastination
  • Prosperity
  • Work Success
  • School Success
  • Study Skills
  • Enhance Sports Performance


  • Pre-Post Surgery
  • Pain Management
  • Headaches
  • Energy Balancing
  • Mind/Body connection to stress and health



  • Age Regression
  • Past Life Regression
  • Parts Therapy
  • NLP Integration
  • Rapid Reintegration




Note:  No previous training is required.

You will learn everything you need to know

with this STEP BY STEP comprehensive training. 


Contact Jane: EMAIL: hypnosis3@gmail.com


THAT'S NOT ALL --there is so much more. You will receive supporting materials from NGH (2 Manuals; Training CDs and DVDs; Business building tools; Scripts) and from Jane (E-book with professional tools and information; ambient music recordings that can be used in sessions; scripts covering a very wide range of client issues; and continuing support after training is completed.


NGH Certificate for web


OK, I've said enough. Here is what others have said about my training sessions:


I had the Privilege of taking the Hypnosis Certification training at The Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Center with Jane Buckman.  The course was challenging, encouraging, fun, and rewarding.

This comprehensive training includes very extensive and well written manuals. The manuals include a full range of scripts and forms for working with clients. The manuals and handouts also provide information on the theory and history of hypnosis as well as how the mind works in relation to hypnosis and therapeutic suggestions.

There was plenty of opportunity to practice as therapist as well as experience the client’s perspective to hypnosis. We practiced and critiqued techniques in class under Jane's supervision. The practice with supervision and critique enabled me to graduate from hypnosis training with the confidence that I can help others as a hypnotherapist. By the end of the class you will have the confidence to perform suggestibility tests, inductions, deepeners and create customized positive suggestions for your clients.  

You will also develop an understanding of the code of ethics and responsibility of being a trained hypnotherapist. All the participants came with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Jane was able to create a safe, open learning environment which encouraged us to ask questions, raise concerns and learn from each other.

Graduates Spring 2018

Jane has a vast knowledge of hypnotherapy and an enthusiasm for teaching.  She shared some of her personal therapeutic encounters with clients (without violating client confidentiality) which helped bring clarity to topics of discussion. I would highly recommend hypnosis training at the Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Center with Jane Buckman to anyone who has an interest in hypnosis and is willing to be taught by an experienced, highly successful instructor that is compassionate, ethical, caring and will facilitate your learning to get excellent results in your practice of hypnotherapy." Because hypnosis was practiced throughout the training, I had the opportunity to work on personal issues.
Every time we learned a new concept we were provided an opportunity to practice the skills and techniques as the hypnotist, and as the client.
In the beginning of every class we were allowed to go over homework assignments and ask questions or bring up concerns about previous lessons.

Jane would do a group confidence hypnotherapy session at the beginning of the class. This was like having a total body massage because it released tension and was very relaxing.


I had the opportunity to provide at least 5 practice hypnosis sessions to family and friends prior to the last class.  This afforded me the opportunity to provide a complete hypnosis session from beginning to end and incorporate everything I learned in training from the intake, to explaining what hypnosis is, answering the client’s questions, doing suggestibility testing, induction through emerging I set aside 2 hour blocks of time to allow myself to know what a 2-hour hypnosis session felt like. Since there was still one more class I could bring back to the class and instructor any challenges that occurred and get feedback and/or suggestions.  I was impressed with not only the training materials, but the manner in which Jane brought the information to life, made it real, interesting and a great deal of fun. 

I received many scripts, patient forms, marketing information, cd’s and other material that are invaluable when starting a new practice.
During the course I realized that I was changing, growing and developing confidence in my ability to help others achieve their goals through hypnosis. 

I learned that how I think has a bigger impact on my life than I thought.
I enjoyed the relaxed, low pressure atmosphere of each class. We laughed, we ate, we took journeys through each other’s lives. Best of all I made new friends which are now my esteemed colleagues.  DJ

This program has exceeded my expectations in the breadth and depth of information and learning offered.   It is clear to me how I can use what I have learned in a clinical setting.  I will begin offering hypnotherapy sessions right away.  The classes were packed with a balanced mixture of lecture, practice, experience, audio-visual and Q&A.  All questions were answered in detail and with real-life examples.  Jane is a master of her trade.  The fact that many of her students had first been her clients speaks to the effectiveness of her knowledge and skills.  My favorite part of the program were the practice sessions… actually putting the techniques, scripts, inductions into practice with fellow students and receiving the sessions to experience hypnotherapy first-hand. GL

This basic training has gone over my expectations. The overall program covers a bit more than hypnosis, making it such an interesting and fulfilling subject to study.

The instructor was the catalyst element during the course, always providing examples of the clinical aspect of the field, always asking if we had understood or had any questions. Her interest and love for the field of hypnosis was clear and perfectly conveyed to her students who were always so excited to come to her class all prepared to learn and practice. Instruction was fun and challenging at the same time. I most appreciate Jane taking her time to explain and demonstrate difficult areas or concepts (maybe that’s why we run out of time for a few things?) for those of us slow to learn new things.

Practice, practice, was the motto of this training, and as student I can really appreciate that. It shows a genuine effort to make the students feel more confident and comfortable with their newly acquired skills and abilities. I would have to say that it was also the best part of the training since it allowed for the group to interact with each other and get acquainted within a familiar supporting environment for us to learn.

Best of all, the energy of this group was something unbelievable. At the end we could not bear the thought of seeing us go. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity of meeting such a nice group of human beings and such a wonderful and caring teacher.

Jane you are the best teacher I have had in a long, long time. I will never forget you! M.C-C 

This training has prepared me for the field of hypnotherapy.  I feel I am informed about what hypnosis is and how it works.  It provided me with valuable hours of experience and evaluation. Training has more than met my expectations. 


The content was extremely well developed and flowed nicely.  Jane related the content very well to actual practice. She did a great job of keeping my attention and presenting in an interesting manner and  I feel competent to use this training in my practice.

The facilitator was extremely effective – well-versed in the topic with great skill in presentation.

I gained knowledge and practical competency.  Presenter was skillful and responsive with questions and concerns.
I value our practice together; the group and spirit of communication; and, the support fostered by Jane."   JSA

Jane was from the start an inspiration and opened her home to us.  Her willingness to show and teach us all that she could was evident.  I leave the class with the confidence that I will be successful in the field as a hypnotist.    CH 



 The course was extremely well rounded, with information coming from a variety of sources:  videos, demonstrations, teaching by the instructor, and working with my fellow students.  I am now feeling ready to begin to set up a hypnotherapy business out of my home, at least part time.

  Jane offered a great amount of information, not only in the “how to" of hypnotherapy, but also the “how to” run a practice & a business which I really appreciated.  BH

This training has prepared me well.  By going over not only the information, but going over what a day would be like, how to work with clients, and many, many hands-on experiences of working with clients and classmates, I feel that I am prepared to do this work.  I was given the basics thoroughly – it met my expectations very well.  The content was well developed.   Jane’s ability to relate the information to actual practice was one of the major strengths of this course.  Jane is an excellent trainer – making it understandable and interesting.  I already see how effective hypnosis and this training is.    She is very knowledgeable and relates very well to the group; she brought us together, answered questions very well, and made sure we understood everything.

I loved the mix of learning from printed materials, videos, DVDs, lectures and doing many hands-on sessions.  I think the mix and the focus on how to really do this and build a practice were especially helpful.  I would not’t change a thing. CL

This was an outstanding course which I would highly recommend to anyone interested in pursuing a career in hypnotherapy.    Thank you Jane for an outstanding experience.    LB

Jane was from the start an inspiration and opened her home to us.  Her willingness to show and teach us all that she could was evident.  I leave the class with the confidence that I will be successful in the field as a hypnotist.    CH 

 The course was extremely well rounded, with information coming from a variety of sources:  videos, demonstrations, teaching by the instructor, and working with my fellow students.  I am now feeling ready to begin to set up a hypnotherapy business out of my home, at least part time.

  Jane offered a great amount of information, not only in the “how to" of hypnotherapy, but also the “how to” run a practice & a business which I really appreciated.  BH

This course was very effective in building up experiences in the field of hypnosis.  Day by day, I found a deeper understanding of hypnotherapy.  The instructor, Ms. Jane Buckman, is a very strong and effective character and a very good teacher for delivering the message.  The tools and information provided in this course were more than sufficient for building up a new career.  I enjoyed this training.  Day by day, I found myself more into it and that it is what was meant for me to do.  It is giving more purpose and meaning to my life – a tool to offer service helping others.  Thanks Jane,  SSB

P.S.  The atmosphere for teaching was great and the student interaction workshops were very educational. 

I have an appreciation for the weekend sessions (versus an intensive course) to allow time for the information to process and for practice clients.     The instructor’s experience and all encompassing well-done encouragement was re-enforcing for us as beginners.   The round table format of sharing information prior to beginning the session is a valuable tool.  The welcoming format is similar to group learning discussions and made for a safe environment especially when working with intimate and traumatic personal issues in class.  I would and have recommended this course because of the instructor and how the material was presented.   JS

The training prepared me extremely well with techniques, behavior, etc. (everything).   It totally met my expectations.  The content was well-developed with a lot of information and a lot of free handouts and scripts.    The facilitator was excellent in relating the content and in keeping our interest and attention.  She did a very good job.    I have been able to utilize this training for myself and with others with excellent results.  The facilitator’s overall effectiveness; knowledge of the topic; presentation skills was excellent and effective.  I was able to absorb a lot of information. 

Jane related very well with everyone in the group - answering all questions and concerns.   The things I liked bests:  The instructor was calm, relaxed and focused – a supportive teacher offering a wide variety of materials and good presentations. I can think of nothing that could have been done to improve this training. RT

NGH Hypnosis Certification Training with Jane Buckman, BCH HOME
This excellent training has enhanced my effectiveness as a therapist.  The presentations and content was well-developed with a lot of training given in an interesting and entertaining way. Students are encouraged to probe and explore.  Jane gave reinforcement that can be directly applied in practice.  Already I have been using hypnosis with a few of my clients.  EAB

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Hypnosis & Emotional Freedom Center

Jane Anthony Buckman
Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer

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Jane Anthony Buckman, BCHt, BCI, MFA
NGH Board Certified Hypnotist & Trainer
  • NGH Board Certified Hypnotherapist
  • NGH Certified Hypnosis Trainer
  • EFT-ADV Facilitator & Trainer
  • Past Life Regressionist & Trainer
  • Journey to the Core
  • 5-Path Hypnotherapist
  • Age Regression to Core
  • Rapid Reintegration Procedure (RRP)
  • Beyond Esdaile Simpson Protocol
  • Emotional Freedom (EFT-ADV)
  • NLP Process
  • Energy Psychology
  • Timeline Clearing
  • Matrix Reimprinting
  • Ask & Receive
  • R.A.I.N. Meditation Buddist Balancing
  • NATH Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
  • Kinesiologist Muscle Testing & Balancing
  • Hypno-Band Practitioner
  • Reiki Master

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