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Reiki Universal Life Energy

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy, the energy field that is in and around us. The practice of Reiki involves a "laying on of hands" to transmit this healing energy. The root of the system began in Tibet thousands of years ago. The system, however, became lost until it was rediscovered in the 1800s through the dedication, research and experience of Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese educator, who spent the rest of his life teaching and practicing this method of natural healing.

Reiki, when applied for purposes of healing, addresses body, mind and spirit. It accelerates the body's ability to heal and opens the mind and spirit to the causes of disease, pain, and disharmony. It seems instinctive to lay hands on the human body to ease discomfort. We often see this enacted in our everyday caring for others or even on ourselves when we are hurt. Healers and "sensitives" have always been aware of this energy field but only in the past 20 years has science been able to confirm and measure what people have been experiencing and "seeing" all along.

Because of the research and new sensitive measuring instruments It is now a scientific certainly that this Universal Life Energy does exist and that the body does respond to healing touch. These new studies on healing touch are astounding. They show that the biomagnetic field of the practitioners' hands becomes at least 1000 times greater than normal and the biomagnetic field emitted from the hands is in the range of frequencies that stimulates healing in the body.

A Reiki session consists of the practitioner placing their hands lightly and non-intrusively on the recipient at specific locations on the body to channel the healing energy. There are no substances applied to the body and the recipient remains fully clothed. Typically, recipients feel a sense of peace, relaxation, increased energy, and a sense of well-being.


Reiki Replenish Life Forces

Using Reiki as a Complementary Treatment to the emotional and physical effects of surgery or a cancer treatment promotes recovery and eases side effects of the medical procedures. It works in conjunction with and as an adjunct to medical treatment and therapy.

When the body's vibrational energy is raised, the immune system strengthens enabling it to carry out its role of balancing the system and supporting the body's natural ability to continue to heal itself. Reiki works to bring the body and mind back into harmony by calming the emotions, decreasing or removing physical pain, bringing the body back to its own healing ability and creating a sense of peace and wholeness within.


  • Recovery from surgery and anesthesia
  • Easing the Side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • Clears toxins
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Mental clarity
  • Sense of physical well-being
  • Spiritual and mental well-being
  • Relaxation and easing stress
  • Releases energy blockages
  • Aids positive thinking
  • Lifts depression



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Jane Anthony Buckman, BCHt, BCI, MFA
NGH Board Certified Hypnotist & Trainer
  • NGH Board Certified Hypnotherapist
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  • EFT-ADV Facilitator & Trainer
  • Past Life Regressionist & Trainer
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  • 5-Path Hypnotherapist
  • Rapid Reintegration Procedure
  • Beyond Esdaile Simpson Protocol
  • NLP Programmer
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Matrix Reimprinting
  • Age Regressionist
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  • NATH Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
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  • Hypno-Band Practitioner
  • Reiki Master

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