Jane A. Buckman (c)

During the course of a lifetime, virtually everyone experiences problems involving issues around self-esteem and self-confidence. Living our lives fully and with relative ease often depends on our core beliefs about our own self-worth. 

High self-esteem is a basic essential for life's success. Low self-esteem, however, does not suddenly appear out of nowhere. It usually develops unnoticed in the early years and spread slowly throughout the mind until, when recognized, it may be full-blown, demoralizing and destructive. 

Negative programming happening in our early years may have resulted from abuse, neglect, ridicule, or criticism from parents, teachers, relatives, peers, or even our own misconceptions. Once our self-esteem is compromised, it becomes easily reinforced by seeing life experiences through the eyes of our own distorted vision.

The core beliefs that we form about ourselves affect the way we think and how we behave. As these beliefs took hold in those early years they became a central pivoting point of the most basic convictions we form about who we are, the kind of person we become, what our life experiences become as a result, our position in the family and the world, what we expect; and, how we treat and expect others to treat us. Identifying the concrete core belief that you have about yourself can be the first step in taking corrective action. Conscious awareness, however, is not enough. Working with the subconscious holds the key to permanently resolving the core issues holding our problems in place. Resolving such issues is one of the most important and valuable capabilities of hypnotherapy.


To move out of these negative patterns into more positive life experiences, low self-esteem issues must be dealt with from the inside out - not just rationalized. It is difficult for a person to be motivated and at ease with themselves when they hold core distortions such as: I'm not good enough; I don't matter; I'm not safe; I'm unlovable; I'll be rejected; My ideas are not worth listening to; I'm powerless.

With a healthy sense of self-worth, personal setbacks that normally occur in various aspects of our lives can be worked through and realistically accepted. They become one of life's lessons instead of further proof of unworthiness. These hurts are frequently absorbed by and buried in the subconscious memory with the victim unaware of the sources of troubled feelings, fears, self-doubts and damaging attitudes. Hypnotherapy helps us set aside the conscious mind and lets us uncover and resolve the detrimental memories that are adversely affecting the personality.

Once the past negative programming is revealed, the work can begin to release those damaging beliefs that hold us back. Hypnosis can reveal the source of the problem and lead to an acceptance of valid self-worth. In a state of profound relaxation created by hypnosis, you can access the inner mind's patterns, habits, thoughts, visions, and dreams while releasing those self-negating beliefs and fears - replacing them with confidence and self-actualizing behavior.
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