journey to the core

Journey to the Core

The JOURNEY TO CORE uncovers the hidden causes of those blocks in your life.  While in the process of focused attention, you will learn where the BLOCKS came from; how they got there; and, then neutralize or eliminate them at their source. Changes then begin to happen automatically because the old programming and limiting beliefs about self are no longer negatively influencing your thoughts, feelings or behaviors. 



Going to see Jane has changed the way I see life. I use to constantly worry and experience frequent fear and anxiety, but couldn’t figure out why. The hypnosis that Jane has guided me thru has lifted the heavy cloud that had stopped me from being realistic, I feel I have begun a new chapter in my life feeling refreshed. Her techniques and approaches will forever be useful. Thank you for your kindness and help Jane.  SM 2011

Well, my insomnia problem seems to have changed significantly since seeing you for I am off the pills and sleeping quite well.  Last night is the best sleep I have had in quite some while -- I slept some 7 hours. And I am most impressed with your CD and all the effort and most appropriate language that you used to craft it -- you are very talented and a true professional.  And, most importantly, I am most pleased that I went to see you.  Thank you very much. PV

Hi Jane,  I just wanted to let you know that I have been doing much, much better. I am amazed at the difference between what I felt before seeing you and how I've felt since.  I feel at peace with the decision.  Amazing!  K

Before I met Jane, I was constantly nervous even doing simple things like paying for groceries. I felt socially awkward and uncomfortable interacting with people I knew or didn't know. My confidence was very low. After our first session, I noticed changes. My nerves calmed, my confidence grew and I was able to speak more comfortably. Now, after several sessions, I don't doubt myself. I am interacting more in every situation. and I even sleep better. Thanks Jane for helping me become who I always knew was hiding inside. 

Hello Jane I can't thank you enough for giving my life back I am much better. I slept so good last night. I listenED to your CD for about 15 min and I fell asleep and this morning at 5 I put it on again and slept until 9am. Thank God. I feel good I am catching up on bills I am playing with my daughter and cleaning my house, I exercise with her together we did one of those cardio tapes it was fun.  I feel good. I wrote a letter to ___ telling him that I forgive him for what ever happened and I wanted to move on. I have been doing the exercises you told me to do and they work. A

Thanks Jane ~ Everything is going so good. You have changed my life and I am forever grateful to you. JM